Getting to know your classes:




Group Power: 
Group Power is your hour of power! This 60 minute barbell program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, Group Power is for all ages and fitness levels. Discover results, discover Group Power!

Step Conditioning:
If you enjoy step class but want to add variety, here’s your opportunity.  Step Conditioning is a cardio class combining basic step and weight training for all experience levels.  Increase strength and endurance

Stomp Step/ Group Step:
Discover new heights with Step! Utilizing the step in many positions and heights, this compelling 60 minute cardio program strengthens and shapes the lower body one step at a time. Energetic music and motivating instructors create this spunky group experience. Step this way with Step.

Core Strength:
Abdominal bracing is the main technique used during core stregth training. It refers to the contraction of the abdominal muscles. Adding definition to your abs, strengthening your back and improving your posture.

The Zumba program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away.  The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Group Ride:
Everyone finishes first in Group Ride! Pedal in groups, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your lower body.
This 60 minute cycling program is geared for anyone that can ride a bike. Motivating music, awesome instructors and an inspiring group environment lets you Ride On!

Wednesday night Running Club:
Meet up every Wednesday @ 6pm downstairs world gym  parking lot!
Geared for all levels 🙂

CrossFit Foundations  (Newbies)  Foundations consists of 5-6 classes that cover the CrossFit methodology and movements that we feel are the “foundation” of CrossFit. It is important to learn proper technique from the beginning in order to ensure athletes avoid injury and increase their efficiency, which is why our coaches invest this time with our new athletes. After the  Foundations classes, athletes are encouraged to attend our other CrossFit L1 classes to start putting new skills into action! Don’t be scared – the coach will help modify the WOD as needed.**Cost $150.00 (first session free)

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