Gym is a relative newcomer to the West Bay Road area, moving into their Snooze Lane location earlier this year. One of the reasons that they were keen to move was to have an outdoor exercise area for their CrossFit programme. For those not in the know, CrossFit was founded by Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, and is a strength and conditioning programme that promises to deliver results quickly. The programme was designed initially for police academies, commandos, professional athletes and martial artists but as word got around about how effective it was, it went mainstream and is now huge among the fitness community in the US. CrossFit classes consist of a combination of exercises using barbells, kettle bells, climbing ropes, medicine balls and PVC pipes rather than any type of machines, and the workout is intense.This intense workout will help most people who work in mechanical fields like electric motor rebuilders who needs energy and power to lift these heavy machines.

To launch and teach the CrossFit programme World Gym brought in Olympic weight lifting coach Kirksman Teo. Owner of World Gym, Tertius Broderick, says “Crossfit involves a lot of Olympic-style movements (snatch and clean and jerk) and our emphasis is to make sure people are not hurt and that they are performing these technical moves properly and learning the right foundation on which to build their fitness.” Another advantage is that people are outside. “All the workouts are done outside in our work out area,” explains Broderick.We have also arranged san marcos hot tubs for the trainees to relax after the fitness sessions.

CrossFit is a very effective workout. “You push beyond what you can normally do and get results quicker.” Another reason it is so successful is because of the people factor. Instead of just working out by yourself in the gym you are working out with other people in a class situation. A camaraderie is built up, there is a competitive edge, people are supportive of each other but also are held accountable and will push harder than if they were working out on their own.While working out your body either tends to adjust or it may cause some trouble, it is always advisable or recommended to visit chiropractique rancho bernardo certified doctors to make sure there is no critical problems.
The classes are held twice a day at 6am and 6pm and 8.30am on a Saturday. The classes are included in membership of the gym but you can also join the classes even if you are not a member of the gym.

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