Is World Gym open on public holidays?

Yes, with the exception of Christmas and New Years Day. We are open 8 am - 6 pm on all other public holidays.

How can I renew my World Gym membership?

When you enter the club, you will be notified that your membership has expired and you can renew online before you come back to the club or at the front desk at that time.

How do I replace my membership card?

There are no membership cards - entrance into World Gym is controlled by a Biometric device - you put your finger on the scanner as you enter the facility at it records your entrance and membership validity.

Why do I have to have my picture taken to access the club?

Yes, it stays in our system to help our staff recognize our members by name.

How do I set up a friend or family member with a World Gym membership?

We have gift certificates that you can buy for your friend/family member or you can purchase a membership online or at the front desk for them.

Is it possible to freeze my membership?

At the discretion of the club manager and only for certified medical reasons that would prevent you to continue use of the facilities, are members allowed to freeze their membership.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership in the first 3 days of joining by notifying us in writing with an explanation for your cancelation.

If I cancel my membership, do I get a refund?

For one year memberships, there are no refunds to unused memberships. For monthly memberships - your membership expiries upon the end of your paid month.

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